The Morris Ring Archive
Access and Charging Protocol

Last updated 3 January 1998

Almost all the material is publicly available, with the exception of a very small number of items on restricted access. Items may be consulted in the following ways, subject to the general access restrictions referred to below:

It is possible for bona fide researchers to attend the Archive in Newcastle upon Tyne, England, by prior appointment. The Archive is presently held on private premises and it will be appreciated that access may be restricted by family and other commitments. Access to the Archive in this way is free for private research.

Photocopies of documents are available by post subject to the Archivist's discretion where fragile items are concerned. In due course it is hoped to make electronic copies available , however this service is not yet up and running. Copying is charged at 0.05 per A4 sheet.

Copies of video and audio tapes are available for hire at the rate of 3 per tape for a maximum period of eight weeks. In some cases copy tapes are available for sale at 5 per tape. The Archivist will be pleased to collate up to 1 hour of material from any number of different tapes onto one sale tape for an additional handling charge of 5.

Where specific document sets are available (See Tradition Based Information) individual prices are quoted on the relevant web page. Sets can be provided on plain paper, or punched with two of four holes, or spirally bound.

As development of this site progresses, it is hoped that copies of materials from the Archive themselves will be made available through the WWW.

General Access Restrictions.

The great majority of documents are on unrestricted access, and, subject to copyright, are available in photocopy format.

Some items can be inspected only and not copied. This is normally due either to their fragile condition or because of restrictions placed on their distribution by the depositor. These items are marked "Restricted to Archive"

A small number of items can only be inspected with the consent of the depositor. Access to these items can be arranged through the Archivist. Such items are marked "Restricted Access"

In a few instances no access to particular items is allowed. This is normally because the documents contain personal details which cannot be allowed into the public domain at the present time. These items are marked "No Access"

To request copies of items, contact the Ring Archivist Chris Metherell.

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